Welcome to Summer School

Activities taking place during the Olga Gudynn Summer School Programme ( July 2nd – August 24th  2018):

Swimming lessons (free of charge)
Math and Reading Clubs  (primary school)
Dance classes
Foreign language courses
Homework Club
Acting classes
Cooking Club
Outdoor games in the park, trips to museums
Contests, team games and sports tournaments
Karaoke and dance competitions
Painting, creating banners
Survival techniques
Sports competitions
Camping week (setting up tents)
Outdoor painting
Hikes, field trips  and international camps
OGIS organizes a summer vacation program for the months of July and August, that include artistic and sports activities, trips and visits, swimming lessons, field trips and camps, foreign language classes, knowledge clubs and activities to help children develop their social and communication skills.
The  Olga Gudynn Summer School Programme begins July 2nd and ends with an Award Ceremony and a CARNIVAL Luau on August 24th.
Enrollments are made at any of the 4 Olga Gudynn Int’l Schools. We look forward to your visit to get more information about the Olga Gudynn Int’l School Summer School program.
To schedule a visit to one of our headquarters, please contact us in advance with one of the numbers at your disposal on the Contact page.
Summer School Fees
Schedule A: 8.30-13.00 (Monday – Friday) – 100 EUR / week
Schedule B: 8.30-17.00 (Monday to Friday) – 130 EUR / week
School Fees for the Summer School program – July and August are only paid when children attend the Summer School program. Regardless of the child’s frequency, the tax amount is paid for a minimum of one week.
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