Welcome to Olga Gudynn International School of Bucharest

The Private Education Concept

Olga Gudynn Int’l School (OGIS) is an educational institution with a bilingual teaching system (Romanian and English), established in 2001, nationally and internationally accredited.

Olga Gudynn Primary and Middle School provides quality education to children, aged between 6 and 14. Continuing studies in the same safe and familiar environment, with their colleagues, is a strength of Olga Gudynn Int’l School system, students easily making the transition from preschool to primary education and later the gymnasium.

Educational process is conducted in accordance with the National Curriculum and Cambridge ESOL Curriculum with a wide opening to foreign languages, computer science, arts and sports activities.

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Students’ holistic development is possible due to the organization on departments: Language and Communication, Arts and Sciences. Students are encouraged to discover their skills, being guided to curricular areas where they can achieve outstanding performance.

Personal counseling programme in the school and the close relationship between teachers and parents ensure children’s success, both academically and emotionally, and helps students in choosing the appropriate high school.

In the five locations placed in residential areas in Bucharest and Pipera – Voluntari, Olga Gudynn Int’l School currently accomodates a number of more than 600 children of different nationalities, aged between 2 and 14.

Olga Gudynn Int’l School (OGIS) team includes outstanding professionals: Romanian teachers, experienced foreigner teachers, English native speakers, psychologists and education experts. They share more than information, shaping the children’s personality, inspiring them with values and qualities that help them succeed in life.